ICSE Question Papers for Class 1 Science


The ICSE board works closely with experienced academic experts with an objective to cater to the educational requirements of students. With an aim to provide right education to class 1 students, the board structures useful study materials. Along with this, the board also conducts standardized assessments so as to make students better in all subjects. The ICSE board makes strenuous efforts to foster the inbuilt potential and skill of every student. Science is included in the syllabus of class 1 with an aim to upgrade students’ knowledge. In grade 1, students learn about different types of plants, trees, fruits, vegetables and many amazing species of animals and birds. To evaluate students’ competency in the subject, the board conducts exams annually. Moreover, the board also provides ICSE question papers for class 1 Science for students’ revision purpose. Students can collect these question papers online and can practice rigorously few days before the exams.

Science Question Papers for Class 1 ICSE 2013

The ICSE board addresses students’ educational needs with utmost accuracy. Under the aegis of subject experts, the board provides essential past year question papers to students. Grade 1 students can practice these question papers in a step-by-step manner and can get familiar with the format of original question paper. Science is a valuable subject as it provides significant knowledge to students. It gives vital information to students about amazing creatures that lives in our environment. Besides this, science also provides knowledge about different fruits, vegetables, plants, trees and several other natural resources that are largely used for preparing various things. Students can download important Science question papers for class 1 ICSE 2013 online and can prepare well for exams. 

Question Papers Class 1 ICSE Science 2012

Science question paper for class 1 ICSE board is an excellent learning resource for students as it provides deeper understanding of the original test paper pattern. The board assesses students’ knowledge stringently through weekly, monthly and yearly exams. Exam is process through which every student learning abilities are being enhanced. Students can revise science subject with the help of previous year question papers that are offered by the board. It helps students in understanding the marking scheme as well as also managing their time efficiently during exams. Question papers class 1 ICSE Science 2012 are available online for students. They can download these question papers and practice aptly for few days before the exams. 

ICSE Class i Science Question Papers 2011

Science is deeply involved in our daily life activities. It provides enormous knowledge on various things including food we eat, electricity we use, medicines that cure ailments, etc. The ICSE board has incorporated science in grade 1 in order to make students aware about many incredible things and discoveries that are gift of science. The board gives some useful past year Science question paper for Class 1 ICSE board. Students can practice these question papers while revising science subject and understand all possible and probable questions, which are generally asked in the exams. Apart from identifying the style of exam questions, students also get to know the time duration for completion of the entire test paper. Students can download ICSE class i science question papers 2011 online.