ICSE Question Papers for Class 1


The ICSE board is known for maintaining high quality and transparency in its offered educational programs. To keep pace with the latest educational requirements, the board conducts exams and evaluates students’ academic performance. Based on students’ performance, the board determines their weak areas and provides them necessary guidance. The board has formed a team of subject experts, who work in a close coordination in order to design question papers in conformation with defined educational norms and standards. Question papers for class 1 are coherently designed so as to meet the psychological needs of students. In a question paper, number of questions, total marks and time duration are prescribed by the associated advisory board. For grade 1, question paper is prepared in such a way that it raises students’ interest in studies. The ICSE board designs question papers for all subjects including English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi. Students can collect previous year ICSE question papers for class 1 online and practice these before exams. 

English is widely accepted as a means of communication in several fields. The study of English develops students reading, writing and learning skills and enables them to comprehend contents aptly. It is a primary objective of the ICSE board to develop students’ overall English skills. In grade 1, students learn English alphabets, consonants and vowels. By acquiring knowledge of English alphabets, students will learn to construct sentences. The ICSE board prepares useful question papers for class 1 with an aim to assess students’ academic performance. The board has designed useful question paper for ICSE class 1 under the strict vigil of subject experts. Every question is designed to gauge students learning level. Some past year ICSE English question papers for class 1 are available online, students can download these easily.  → Read More
Math is the most preferred subject and required in varied fields. The study of mathematics gives valuable knowledge to students. Counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers are basic operations of maths. By acquiring a thorough knowledge on mathematics, students can strengthen their logical and analytical skills and attain new heights of success. The board organizes exams every year so as to test students’ academic performance. It is due to the support of subject experts, the board has been able to prepare question papers in a cohesive manner. A question paper for ICSE class 1 is primarily designed to instill useful habits in students like completing a given task within the stipulated time frame. Students can get previous year math question paper for class 1 ICSE board online.   → Read More
Science provides detail knowledge about incredible things that exist in the real world. In grade 1, students learn about variety of fruits and vegetables, different types of animals, their shelter and food habit. The ICSE board imparts standard education to students and designs question papers and sample question papers as per the current educational demands. For grade 1, question papers are generally structured with some illustrations and pictures so as to make their learning fun and exciting. Students learn to solve questions within the specified time frame by taking weekly and monthly exams. ICSE question papers for class 1 science is available online, students can download these at their preferred time.  → Read More
Social science is a well-known subject that gives valuable information to students about the society. The study of social science teaches human value, customs, religion, respect for diversity, etc. Question paper for ICSE class 1 is designed under the supervision subject experts to ensure complete quality and accuracy. The board prepares question paper with an objective to evaluate students’ academic performance and provide them required guidance at every phase of their learning. The ICSE board is known for its well- structured study materials and difficult exam procedures. Students, who are pursuing education under the ICSE board can use past year question paper regularly and practice well for exams. The ICSE question papers for class 1 social science are available online, students can get these easily.
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Hindi is a language subject and added in the curriculum of class 1. The study of Hindi subject makes students proficient in reading, writing and learning. The board conducts exams from time to time so as to gauge students’ knowledge and their learning difficulties. Students, who are pursuing education under the ICSE board, should take classroom session sincerely as these sessions cater to the learning requirements of students in the best possible manner. Along with this, students also get some useful exam tips. The ICSE board offers some important past year question papers, which students can take and practice at home. ICSE question papers for class 1 Hindi are available online, students can download these for exam preparation.
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