ICSE Question Papers for Class 3 Social Science


Social Science is an important subject as it deals with our society and the relationship that happens among individuals in society. Many subjects like Political science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography come under this discipline. To impart a thorough understanding about this subject the ICSE board has taken the right initiatives by prescribing useful Social Science syllabus and other relevant study materials including question papers, sample papers for each class. Social Science question papers are prepared based on the updated syllabus. Moreover, these question papers are well-structured and most importantly, these are available online. ICSE question papers for class 3 Social Science are specifically prepared for class 3 students. All relevant instructions are included in these question papers for the convenience of students.

ICSE board is known for its well-evaluated syllabus and illustrious educational system. Based on the current educational requirements, the board amends each syllabus in a requisite manner and consequently, it designs suitable question papers. ICSE question papers for class 3 Social Science are good to follow as these are quite comprehensive and gauge students’ subject knowledge in a right manner. Moreover, students are also suggested to practice some previous year Social Science question papers to get familiar with the current question pattern. 

Social Science Question Papers for Class 3 ICSE 2013

Social Science makes us aware about our society and social responsibility. In a broader sense, many subjects come under this discipline. It is added in the students’ syllabus from the elementary level. The ICSE board has also added this subject in the syllabus designed for class 3. Based on the students’ learning capability, the board has chosen some relevant topics for this subject. Consequently, it prepares suitable question papers and makes these question papers available online.  Social Science question papers for class 3 ICSE 2013 are well-prepared and these are designed based on the updated syllabus. All requisite guidelines are mentioned in these question papers in a clear manner. Therefore, students can conveniently follow these papers.

ICSE 2012 Social Science 3 Question Paper

Social Science is a vital subject and to impart a detailed understanding in this subject, the board has prescribed appropriate syllabus for this. Consequently, it designs suitable question papers based on the updated syllabus to assess students’ subject knowledge in examinations. In this respects, ICSE 2012 Social Science 3 question paper is a good example of a well-structured question paper. This question paper is convenient to follow as all relevant information are written in this paper in a clear manner. The marks allotted for each question are also mentioned in this paper. Moreover, question papers class 3 ICSE Social Science 2012 are available online so that students can use this as a reference after completion of their entire syllabus.

ICSE Class iii Social Science Question Papers 2011

Social Science is necessary to learn as this subject imparts us some useful information about our society and relevant matters. Many important subjects including Political Science, Psychology, Economics, History and many others come under this discipline. ICSE board has formed useful syllabus and question papers for this subject for different classes. ICSE class iii Social Science question papers 2011 are designed by the associated subject experts and hence, these are worthwhile for students. All relevant guidelines are mentioned in these question papers to give students better understanding. As a result, students feel convenient to follow these papers. Moreover, students are suggested to use some old Social Science question papers before their tests.