ICSE Question Papers for Class 4 Social Science


Social Science subject is important to understand as it deals with our society. It makes us aware about the relationship of an individual and society. It is a vast subject and Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Geography, Economics and many other subjects come under this discipline. To provide a detailed knowledge to students, the ICSE board has prepared suitable Social Science syllabi for students as per their academic standard. Additionally, the board prepares suitable study materials for students. In this respects, ICSE question papers for class 4 Social Science are well-prepared in all respects. These question papers are formed based on the updated syllabus and through these papers, the board checks the students’ subject knowledge in an organized manner. Moreover, question paper is the important part of exams and different question paper is used in different academic session. All relevant instructions are included in these question papers in a clear manner and these instructions guide students while solving questions.

ICSE board is known for its well-suited syllabi and constructive question papers. Based on the fast-changing educational needs, the board makes requisite changes in each syllabus at regular intervals. Consequently, it prepares relevant question papers, sample papers and other documents. Social Science question paper for Class 4 ICSE maintains a praiseworthy educational standard in all respects. Moreover, this question paper is available online and hence, students can check this paper to get to know the current question pattern and marking scheme. Additionally, through this paper students can do their self-evaluation before the final examination. 

Social Science Question Papers for Class 4 ICSE 2013

Knowing Social Science is important as it imparts some useful information about the society and our surroundings. This subject not only informs us about our past activities, but also makes us aware about the demographic features and different life styles of people. In a broader way, Geography, Archeology, Anthropology and many other subjects come under this discipline. The ICSE board has added this subject in the syllabus designed for different classes. Moreover, the board also prepares suitable Social Science question papers for different classes. In this context, Social Science question papers for Class 4 ICSE 2013 are the latest question papers which are designed based on the updated syllabus. Students should check these question papers to become more familiar with the different types of questions that might come in exams.

ICSE 2012 Social Science 4 Question Paper

Social Science is necessary to learn as this subject imparts knowledge about our society. Many subjects like Sociology, Economics, History and others are included under this vast discipline. It is all about the study of Society. Most importantly, this subject offers many job opportunities. Sound knowledge in different subjects like Economics, Sociology, International affairs enables students for many career opportunities. Keeping in mind the importance of this subject, the ICSE board has included Social Science in its syllabus. Additionally, the board prepares suitable question papers for this subject to assess students’ understanding through the examination process. In this respect, ICSE 2012 Social Science 4 question paper is an ideal example of a well-structured question paper. Students, who are preparing for their class 4 final examinations, can follow this question paper as a reference.

ICSE  Class iv Social Science Question Papers 2011

Social Science is included in our syllabus from the junior classes. Through this subject, students get to know useful information related to our history, culture, festivals, demographic features and others. The ICSE board has included this subject in its each syllabus. According to the students’ academic standard, the board prescribes suitable syllabus for this subject. Keeping in mind the students’ learning capability and current educational requirements, the board has chosen some relevant topics and included these topics in the syllabus in a sequential manner. Consequently, it prepares well-structured Social Science question papers for each academic session. ICSE Class iv Social Science question papers 2011 are suitably prepared for class 4 students. Moreover, students are advised to practice these question papers repeatedly to become more familiar with the question pattern.