ISC Sample Papers for Class 12


ISC (Indian School certificate) exam is a well-standardized exam, which is specially conducted to assess students’ subject knowledge in class 11 and 12. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) arranges this exam in each academic session. The council maintains a standard format while preparing the syllabus, question papers and sample papers for each subject included in the ISC curriculum. Moreover, the rules and regulations followed in this exam are recommended by Indian New Education Policy, 1986. Under the vigilance of several experienced academicians, the council prepares suitable question papers and model papers for each subject. As we all know, using guess papers improves students’ understanding level and also gives them confidence before their final exams. Hence, students are encouraged to practice guess papers designed for each subject to make their performance better in exams. ISC model papers are usually designed based on the revised syllabus and hence, these papers are worthwhile and most importantly, these assist students in evaluating their subject knowledge in a right way.

English is an essential basic subject and through this subject, students can do verbal and written communication with others globally. This subject is well-accepted and it has great significance in job-oriented fields. Moreover, this subject is added in each ISC syllabus in a requisite manner. As we all know, ISC exam is a well-standardized test that assesses subject knowledge of students of class 11 and 12. ISC English sample papers are well-prepared as each of these is designed by the proficient subject experts. Students should collect ISC model papers and practice these thoroughly to get more familiar with the subject. Additionally, they can practice these guess papers to assess their speed in terms of solving questions. → Read More
Math is an interesting subject and students should do constant practice to get good marks in Math exams. ISC Math sample papers are well-designed as each of these is done by the experienced subject experts. Students should collect and practice these guess papers to revise each Math chapter in a thorough manner. According to current research, students should practice this kind of paper repeatedly to assess their subject knowledge before exams. Moreover, these papers give students clear-cut idea about the original exam paper and as a result, they feel convenient to sit for exams. Exam stress is curse for students and to handle this stress, students should take remedial measures as per their learning problems. → Read More

ISC Sample Papers for Class 12 Science

Sample papers give students idea about the question pattern and marking scheme of the concerned board. To get familiar with each subject, students are suggested to practice several sets of model papers before their final exams. ISC exam is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and this council maintains a standard educational pattern in all manners. Science is interesting and students prefer to learn this subject as it provides original fact about each natural occurrence. ISC Class 12 Science syllabus is quite informative and all essential topics are added in this syllabus in a required manner. Moreover, model papers designed for ISC exam are comprehensive and beneficial for students in all manners.

ISC Sample Papers for Class 12 Social Science

ISC sample papers are worthwhile in all manners and students should practice these papers rigorously to make their exam preparation better. ISC model papers are quite comprehensive, complete and most importantly, these are quite useful for students. Hence, students are advised to practice these papers thoroughly before their exams.  Additionally, by following these papers, students can streamline their learning system and consequently, they can get desired marks in exams. Social Science is related to our society and our surroundings. Students need to learn this subject as per their academic standard.  Students of class 12 can use these ISC learning documents and enhance their performance in exams.