ICSE Subjects


ICSE board is a prominent educational board in India. With the able assistance of well-known subject experts, the board has been able to conceptualize and design meaningful learning resources for students of each grade. Imparting quality education to students is the first and foremost concern of ICSE board and with this objective it adheres to stringent procedures including conducting research and organizing annual academic assessments for students. Keeping in mind the learning requirements of students, the ICSE board has suggested various important subjects for every class. Generally, subjects are categorized into three main groups. First group covers English, one Indian language, history, geography and civics subjects. In second group, science, mathematics, computer science, environmental science, commercial studies, a classical language, a modern foreign language, agriculture science and economics subjects are included. Group three consists of economic applications, art, performing arts, computer applications, cookery, physical education, technical drawing applications, yoga, environmental applications, commercial applications, home science and fashion designing.

The board selects important topics for each subject and prepares syllabi in a comprehensive manner. By using a syllabus, students can start their studies in a streamlined manner. Each subject syllabus is encompasses with necessary information of chapters that students are required to learn. Along with this, students can also get information about marking scheme and number of periods that are prescribed by the board. Students can get syllabi of all ICSE subjects online. 

ICSE board is an esteemed educational unit that provides essential study materials to students. For elementary level, the educational unit conducts extensive research and based on the research findings it designs curriculum for class 1. Elementary education is highly important for every student as it strengthens basic reading, writing and learning skills of students and encourages them to accept higher level education with great ease. In grade 1, students generally learn English, math, science, social science subjects and one Indian language subject. Every subject is valuable one way or another. Students can start their studies through revised curriculum as it gives detail information of each chapter along with the marking scheme. Syllabi for all ICSE subjects for class 1 are available online, students can collect these easily.
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ICSE board is known for its well-structured learning resources, which are integrated with important topics that suit the learning needs of students in the best possible manner. Class 2 is considered as a primary stage. In this level, students learn subject at their own pace. Usually, the schools affiliated to ICSE board conducts various classroom activities that motivate students in learning new things in an interesting manner. Besides this, many assignments are also given to students so as to make their learning exciting and unique. By looking at revised syllabus, students can start their studies ahead of time. The board designs syllabi for all subjects. Students can download curricula for all ICSE subjects for class 2 online.  → Read More
Education is an essential thing that makes an individual responsible in terms of decision making. The ICSE board has established a desirable status due to its important and useful learning materials. For class 3, the board has selected some informative topics that give vital knowledge to students and also help them to pursue higher studies. The board designs curriculum for elementary level by conducting rigorous research and by considering the learning requirements of students. Every subject has its own importance, which gives useful information to students. English, mathematics, social science, science and one Indian language subject are compulsory subjects and included in the syllabus of class 3. The board offers comprehensive syllabi for all ICSE subjects for class 3, students can collect these online.
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The ICSE board strives to provide better learning materials along with better learning environment to students. Class 4 comes under elementary level. In this stage, students are being groomed with good habits and useful learning. The ICSE board has done rigorous research and selected some informative topics for all subjects. Students, who are pursuing class 4 education under ICSE board, can find these topics in the form of chapters in textbooks. With the help of updated syllabi, students can learn every subject in a comfortable manner. They can start their studies before the beginning of classroom sessions. Revised syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 4 are available online for students.  → Read More
Learning is a continuous process, which enhances students’ knowledge and prepares them for future challenges. In grade 5, students learn important subjects including mathematics, social science, English, science and one Indian language subject. The ICSE board designs valuable study materials for each subject with the help academic experts. The board gives prime importance to students reading, writing and learning activities and also evaluates their knowledge through yearly assessment. To streamline students learning, the board has designed comprehensive syllabus for each and every subject. Students can get updated curricula for ICSE subjects for class 5 online. By referring to a revised syllabus, students can learn and understand a subject comfortably.  → Read More
The ICSE board offers unmatched educational guidance to students by conducting extensive research. Class 6 is the upper primary level. In this grade, students learn math, science, English, social science and one Indian language subject. The ICSE board has incorporated important topics in grade 6. By acquiring knowledge in all subjects, students can use their learning skills in the higher level education. Under the aegis of academic experts, the board has prepared syllabus for all subjects in an understandable manner. With the help of updated curriculum, students can initiate their studies a little early and can stay ahead of their peers. Students can download new syllabi for all ICSE subjects for class 6 online.
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The ICSE board is acknowledged for its well-structured learning resources. Class 7 study materials are structured keeping in mind the psychological requirements and mental ability of students. The board has sectioned all subjects in three groups so as to give better understanding to students. In class 7, students learn one Indian language subject along with English, math, social science and science subjects. The topics of each subject are thoroughly researched and included in class 7 textbooks. It is a proven fact that early days learning yields long term benefits. Hence, students can easily accept future challenges by utilizing their knowledge and learning skills, which they acquired in their school life. Curricula for all ICSE subjects for class 7 are available online, students can download these online.  → Read More
The ICSE board has prepared highly important study materials for class 8. Grade 8 comes under secondary education. The board has added English, science, maths, social science and one Indian language subject in the curriculum of class 8. Besides this, the topics for each subject are selected by academic experts after conducting rigorous research. To make learning effective for students, the board provides important assignments, project work along with classroom sessions. Based on their project work and assignments, the board evaluates students’ academic performance internally. Students, who are pursuing education under this board, can collect updated syllabi for all ICSE subjects for class 8 online.
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The ICSE board is known for providing high quality education to students. The board has hired extremely qualified subject experts, who work in tandem to fulfill the learning requirements of students with utmost perfection. In grade 9, the board has included math, English, one regional language, computer science, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, history, environmental science, economics, art, S.U.P.W subjects, etc. Apart from classroom learning, the board also encourages students’ participation in various other learning activities including preparing assignments, project work, practical, etc. Based on the assignments/project works and practicals, a student performance is being assessed by the board. Each and every chapter of all subjects is concisely mentioned in the curriculum of class 9. Students can collect syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 9 online.  → Read More
Education is of paramount importance for students and to acquire it properly students need to go through the revised curriculum. The ICSE board has prepared class 10 syllabus in line with defined educational norms and standards. Grade 10 is an important stage for students as it helps them to decide an ideal stream. The board has incorporated sanskrit, english, second Indian language, environmental education, economics, history and civics (HCG paper 1), geography (HCG paper 2), chemistry, physics, biology, computer science and many more subjects in grade 10. Under the guidance of academic experts, the board has designed curriculum for each subject. Students can refer to revised class 10 curriculum and start their board exam preparation ahead of time. ICSE subjects for class 10 syllabi are available online, students can download it easily.
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