ICSE Subjects for Class 1


The ICSE board imparts standard education to students across each grade. Grade 1 is an initial stage of school life. Students learn each and every subject in an exciting manner and also understand detail concepts in the higher level. The board has included English, Hindi, Math and Science subjects in grade 1. All subjects are added in the class1 curriculum with an objective to enhance students’ overall knowledge. To make learning interesting, the board keeps students engaged in different kinds of activities that make them understand concepts faster. In elementary education, students get freedom to learn subjects at their own pace. The ICSE board improves students reading, writing and learning skills through effective classroom sessions, project works, homework, assignments, etc. Apart from this, the board assesses students’ academic knowledge through weekly, monthly and annual tests. The board has prepared a well-structured syllabus for class 1. Students can download syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 1 online.

ICSE Class 1 English

English is a highly important subject and considered as a means of communication in varied fields. The language is being used by many reputed authors, poets and writers to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings. Besides this, several textbooks contents are written in English language. The ICSE board has included English subject in class 1 curriculum in order to enhance students reading and writing skills. Students can study English subject with the help of updated curriculum. A syllabus provides detail information about every chapter along with the marking scheme and number of periods. The board has included all topics in ICSE class 1 English keeping in mind the psychological needs and mental ability of students. Students can collect revised curricula of class 1 subjects for ICSE board online.

ICSE Class 1 Hindi

Hindi is an Indian language subject and incorporated in the class 1 curriculum. With an aim to enhance students’ Hindi language skills, the board has conducted rigorous research and selected some valuable topics. In grade 1, students understand hindi alphabets, vowels, consonants and learn to make hindi sentences. The ICSE board has prepared a well-structured syllabus that encompasses important chapters, some learning activities and also information about weekly and monthly assessments. In grade 1 curriculum, each and every chapter is mentioned with marking scheme so as to give better understanding to students. Syllabi for class 1 subjects for ICSE board are ideal instructional guides for students. By using ICSE class 1 hindi curriculum, students can start their studies before the beginning of session. 

ICSE Class 1 Maths

Math is a vital subject and needed in many coveted fields. The ICSE board has added some important topics in class 1 math curriculum that builds students critical thinking and reasoning skills. Elementary level students, generally learn basic mathematics including counting numbers, recognizing shapes and patterns and many more topics. The ICSE board conducts research and carefully selects topics for class 1 math subject. All topics are searched by considering the learning requirements of students. In grade 1, students learn topics with interesting illustrations that keep them involved in learning activity for a longer time period. Students can get in-depth knowledge on each topic by referring to updated syllabus of ICSE class 1 maths subject. Syllabi of class 1 subjects for ICSE board are available online for students. 

ICSE Class 1 Science

Science is an extremely important subject that provides useful information to students about the entire world, living beings, non-living beings, planets, etc. Grade 1 is considered first phase of elementary education. In this phase, students understand each topic with the help of images, colorful pictures, objects, etc. The ICSE board includes all topics by keeping in view the mental ability and learning requirements of students. To give a clear understanding to students about all science topics, the board has structured a syllabus for ICSE class 1 science. Students can use a revised syllabus and can learn every chapter in a step-by-step manner. Curricula of class 1 subjects for ICSE board are available online; students can collect these at their preferred time.