ICSE Subjects for Class 10


The ICSE board bestows meaningful study materials to students so that they attain pinnacle of success in their academic career. Topics for every chapter are well researched by the academic experts and included in the curriculum of class 10. Class 10 is an imperative stage, which helps students in determining the subject of their interest. Based on the subject interest and academic performance, students opt for suitable stream. The ICSE board has designed syllabus for all subjects including English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi. In an updated curriculum, all chapters are mentioned with number of periods and marks. By referring to a revised syllabus, students can study well for exams and can emphasize on chapters that carries maximum marks. Apart from this, they can also prepare a subject through important sample papers offered by the ICSE board. Students can download updated curricula of all ICSE subject for class 10 online.

ICSE Class 10 English

English is considered an international language as it is widely spoken throughout the world. Many novels, textbooks and story books contents are written in English language. The ICSE board has suggested English as a language subject in class 10 syllabus with an aim to develop students reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Along with this, the board also tries to develop students’ functional understanding of grammar and idioms of language through its well-structured course materials. In order to keep students updated with ongoing educational demands, the board evaluates their performance annually. The board also conducts internal assessment so as to test students’ ability to describe, narrate, present ideas concisely. ICSE class 10 English syllabus is available online; students can collect at their preferred time. 

ICSE Class 10 Maths

Math subject gives useful knowledge to students, which they can apply to real-life situations. Mathematical skills allow students to take wise decisions in all financial matters. The ICSE board has incorporated this subject in the syllabus of class 10 to give a thorough understanding to students about mathematics symbols, principles, concepts, terms, processes, etc. The board has done rigorous research and included highly important topics in maths ICSE class 10 curriculum. All topics are coherently described along with the marking scheme and number of periods. Every topic is designed to give students a clear understanding of mathematical concepts and their application in higher studies. Students can get an updated ICSE class 10 math syllabus online and can start their studies a little early. 

ICSE Class 10 Science

Science is a compulsory subject for students, pursuing class 10 education under the ICSE board. The board has included this subject with an objective to develop students’ science skills in terms of handling apparatus, recording observation, preparing graphs, drawing diagrams with label, etc. In grade 10, students learn several important topics of physics, chemistry and biology in a detail manner. Science gives essential knowledge on vast things that are related to our daily life including physics laws, principles, chemical formulae, study of environment, and natural resources. The board has designed a comprehensive science syllabus with collaborative effort of academic experts. By using a revised ICSE class 10 science syllabus, students can learn biology, chemistry and physics in an organized manner. Whether preparing for ICSE physics class 10 papers or biology and chemistry papers, students can take help from syllabus and can understand the marking scheme. 

ICSE Class 10 Social Science

Social science gives useful information about the society and its economic and political aspects. The board has added this subject in class 10 and structured a well-evaluated social science syllabus. Social science is composed of history, geography, political science and economics subjects. The study of social science gives deeper understanding of ancient life of India, its culture, religion, language, etc. Apart from this, students will also get familiar with demographic features of India and the world. Moreover, they get to know about the economic development and social issues of country. The ICSE class 10 social science curriculum is available online, students can refer this and can understand the topics that they need to cover during an academic session. 

ICSE Class 10 Hindi

Hindi is a language subject and included in the curriculum of class 10. The primary objective of including this subject in the syllabus of class 10 is to improve students reading, writing and grammar skills. With regular study of Hindi subject, students can work on their reading and writing habits, which is extremely important for them. It is a true fact that many students, who either understand English or their regional language, struggle a lot with Hindi. Hence, they can develop their Hindi language skills through a well-revised syllabus. It comprises of important topics that will give meaningful knowledge to students. Right from biography of famous poet to moral-based stories and novels, students will learn all important topics in class 10. Students can collect an updated ICSE class 10 Hindi curriculum online.