ICSE Subjects for Class 2


The ICSE board provides necessary learning guidance to students so as to strengthen their academic skills. It is due to the support of subject experts, the board has been able to structure revised class 2 syllabi for all subjects. A syllabus is composed of factual information of all topics, which students are required to study during an academic session. Along with this, it also gives information about marking scheme and number of periods to students. By using an updated syllabus, students can plan out their studies effectively. The ICSE board designs syllabus for all important subjects including English, Hindi, Maths and Science. Students can refer to syllabus at the beginning of session as well as while preparing for exams. Every subject is essential for students as it gives valuable and vast information about numerous things related to our life, society, behavior, language, principles, environment, food, natural resources, climate, etc. Students can  start their studies by referring to updated curricula of all ICSE subjects for class 2, which are available online for students.

ICSE Class 2 English

English is a prestigious language and adopted as a second language in many countries across the world. The ICSE board has included this subject in class 2 curriculum to enhance students reading, writing and learning skills. Before including topics in class 2 English syllabus, the board has done rigorous research on recent educational requirements. Except Indian language paper, the medium of examination is also kept as English for all subjects by the ICSE board. Many subject experts have put a lot of effort to make syllabus comprehensible for class 2 students. ICSE class 2 English syllabus encompasses all important chapters that will surely give valuable learning to students. Besides that, the board has also allotted specific marks for each topic, which are clearly mentioned in the syllabus. Students can download syllabi for class 2 subjects for ICSE board online. 

ICSE Class 2 Hindi

Hindi is yet another language subject, which is included in the syllabus of class 2. It is extensively spoken in the northern region of India. Keeping in mind the learning requirements of students, the board has conducted thorough research and incorporated important topics in class 2. Learning Hindi alphabets, vowels and consonants are initial stages for students. It makes them better in terms of writing and reading Hindi sentences. The collaborative efforts of subject experts have helped the ICSE board in designing syllabus in accordance with the learning ability of students. The ICSE class 2 Hindi syllabus intended to give requisite information to students about the chapters, which they need to study in a classroom session. Students can collect updated syllabi of all class 2 subjects for ICSE board online. 

ICSE Class 2 Maths

Math is imperative for every individual. It builds students critical thinking skills and makes them efficient in dealing with all sorts of financial matters. Students can take help of ICSE class 2 maths syllabus and start their studies before the beginning of session. In the updated syllabus, every topic is explained in a step-by-step manner, which helps students in learning chapters correctly. Apart from this, students can get information about the marking distribution pattern by referring to an updated syllabus. In grade 2, students learn basic mathematical operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Syllabi of class 2 subjects for ICSE board are available online, students can easily download it.

ICSE Class 2 Science

Science is an interesting subject that teaches important things to students. The study of science gives information to students about plants, animals, food, environment, climate, etc. The board has designed a well-evaluated ICSE class 2 science syllabus that gives clear information to students about the topics that they need to study in an academic year. Apart from this, the board has also mentioned the marking scheme in the syllabus. Students can refer to the revised syllabus to streamline their studies. It helps them to start their studies a little early and also guides them during examination time. Curricula of class 2 subjects for ICSE board are available online, students can download these easily.