ICSE Subjects for Class 3


The ICSE board is a renowned educational system that offers up-to-date learning materials to students. All study materials are designed by the subject experts after conducting rigorous research. In order to make students proficient in all subjects, the board has included English, Hindi, Maths and Science subjects in class 3 curriculum. A curriculum is designed to give in-depth understanding to students about the topics that they need to learn in an academic year. It also contains information about marking scheme and number of periods. To keep students updated with latest educational pattern, the board revised class 3 syllabus from time to time. More importantly, the board conducts weekly and monthly assessments to evaluate students’ academic performance. Syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 3 are available online; students can download these and can start their studies in a sequential manner.

ICSE Class 3 English

English is included in the curriculum of class 3 with a purpose to make students proficient in reading, writing and learning. In grade 3, students are being taught English word meanings, moral-based short stories and poems. The ICSE board is known for maintaining complete quality in its entire educational processes. It offers highly informative knowledge to students in all subjects. The board has incorporated important topics in class 3 through which students can enhance their reading and writing skills. Apart from this, they can also express their thoughts and views in the forms of short stories and poems. ICSE class 3 English syllabus has been designed by experienced academicians to ensure accuracy. Students can collect syllabi of all class 3 subjects for ICSE board online and can plan their studies aptly.

ICSE Class 3 Hindi

Hindi is a well-known language subject and added in the syllabus of class 3. Many schools affiliated to the ICSE board have suggested Hindi as a second Indian language subject in class 3. By acquiring knowledge in Hindi subject, students can improve their reading and writing skills along with their grammar skills. In grade 3, students understand Hindi vowels, consonants and word meanings. In addition to this, they also learn moral-based short stories and poems in class 3. Each and every chapter is included in the ICSE class 3 Hindi syllabus by experienced subject experts so as to keep students abreast with current educational requirements. Curricula of all class 3 subjects for ICSE board are available online; students can collect these at their preferred time.

ICSE Class 3 Maths

Math is needed everywhere. Hence, it is important for students to acquire basic mathematical skills in order to scale new heights of success. The ICSE board has included some important topics in class 3 math curriculum after carrying out rigorous research. In grade 3, students understand basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. To make students better in math subject, the board provides important study materials and assesses their knowledge through weekly and monthly tests. ICSE class 3 maths syllabus is structured under the guidance of academic experts. It gives each and every detail of chapters that students are required to study in an academic session. Besides this, students can also understand the marking distribution pattern by using updated maths syllabus. Syllabi of all class 3 subjects for ICSE board are available online for students.

ICSE Class 3 Science

Science gives valuable knowledge to students. The study of science connects an individual with natural world and its surroundings. In grade 3, the ICSE board has included important chapters that provide thorough knowledge to students about animals, plants, food, environment, planets, etc. After analyzing various reference books, the ICSE board has structured a well-evaluated science syllabus for class 3. It comprises of all the chapters along with its marking scheme in a sequential manner. Students can start their studies by referring to an updated ICSE class 3 science syllabus. It will give accurate knowledge to students about the topics that they need to prioritize. Students can download revised syllabi of all Class 3 subjects for ICSE board online.