ICSE Subjects for Class 4


The ICSE board aims to make students learning better with its well revised study materials. With the support of some reputed academic experts, the board has conceptualized and designed comprehensive syllabi for class 4. The board has structured syllabus for every subject with an objective to give useful learning guidance to students. In grade 4, students learn English, Hindi, Math, Science and Social Studies subjects. With the help of updated ICSE syllabus, students can start their studies a little early. In the revised curriculum, every topic is well-explained with the marking scheme that will help students to prepare chapters appropriately during examination time. The ICSE board also reviews students’ performance from time to time through weekly, monthly and annual assessments. With this process, teachers are able to determine students learning difficulties and accordingly assist them in their studies. Syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 4 are available online, students can collect these at their preferred time.

ICSE Class 4 English

English is an innovative language that helps an individual to express his or her thoughts and views concisely and accurately. English learning is a gateway to success as many textbooks, story books and reference books are written in English language. It is a widely accepted fact that English is massively used in numerous countries as a means of communication. Hence, it is advisable for students to learn English thoroughly. The ICSE board has added English as a compulsory language subject in the class 4 curriculum. Students must refer to updated ICSE class 4 English syllabus while studying. It will give a fair and accurate knowledge to students about the topics that they are required to study. Students can download syllabi of all class 4 ICSE subjects online.

ICSE Class 4 Hindi

Hindi is an Indian language and taken as a language subject in various schools affiliated to ICSE board. In order to instill Hindi reading and writing habit in students, the board has incorporated this subject in class 4 curriculum. In grade 4, students learn Hindi grammar, vowels and consonants and also Hindi word synonyms. Elementary level education is quite different from secondary level education. In this stage, students are being encouraged into different types of learning activities so as to make their studies interesting. Students can use ICSE class 4 Hindi syllabus and can start their studies in a step-by-step manner. Curricula of all class 4 ICSE subjects are available online, students can collect these easily.

ICSE Class 4 Maths

Math skills are stepping stone to lifetime reward. It makes students rich in terms of knowledge and critical thinking skills. With mathematical knowledge, students get numerous career options to choose from. The ICSE board has incorporated math in class 4 with a purpose to make students understand about logic and orders. In grade 4, students get familiar with basic math concepts including addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. To streamline students’ math learning, the board has structured a comprehensive ICSE class 4 maths syllabus. It is designed under the supervision of subject experts and in compliance with defined educational norms and standards. Students can get revised syllabi of all class 4 ICSE subjects online.

ICSE Class 4 Science

Science is a study of living beings, non-living beings, natural resources, man-made materials, environment, earth, different seasons, climate, etc. The ICSE board has conducted extensive research and selected important topics for class 4 students. In grade 4, students learn science with colorful pictures and illustrations that keep them involved in studies for a longer time period and also enable them to make connection with the real word. Learning through images and pictures are quite beneficial for students. They can start their studies before the beginning of session with the help of updated ICSE class 4 science syllabus. Students can easily download well-evaluated curricula of all class 4 ICSE subjects online and can make their exam preparation better.

ICSE Class 4 Social Science

Social science subject gives knowledge about events, happenings and activities of society. It helps students in understanding their society and its surroundings in an appropriate manner. The ICSE board has included social science subject in grade 4. Besides this, the board has adopted social science subject as EVS subject. Various schools affiliated to the ICSE board have suggested EVS subject for class 4 students. In this subject, students learn important things about the society including gender equality, family, friends, environmental issues and many more. ICSE class 4 social science syllabus gives complete clarity to students about the chapters that students are required to study. Syllabi of all class 4 ICSE subjects are available online, students can collect these at their preferred time.