ICSE Subjects for Class 5


The ICSE board nurtures students’ mind and prepares them for future challenges. The board is known for maintaining excellence in its offered range of study materials. It provides revised syllabus to students so that they can start their studies in an organized manner. The ICSE board designs syllabus for English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science subjects in conformation with defined educational norms and standards. Curriculum for each subject has been revised by the board from time to time so as to keep students updated with current educational requirements. Besides this, the board offers sample question papers that help students in preparing for exams thoroughly. During exams, students can refer to updated syllabus and understand the marking scheme for each topic. Syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 5 are available online, students can download these easily.

ICSE Class 5 English

English is imperative to learn for all students as it helps them in understanding the contents of several subjects as most of the subjects based textbooks are written in English language. The ICSE board has included English as a compulsory language subject for class 5. The study of English subject not only improves students reading and writing skills but also makes them grammatically strong.  In grade 5, students learn synonyms and antonyms of English words. Apart from this, they also read moral based short stories. The board has incorporated several important topics in ICSE class 5 English syllabus in order to meet the ongoing educational demands of students. Students can download curricula of all class 5 ICSE subjects online and can start their studies in an appropriate manner.

ICSE Class 5 Hindi

Hindi is included in the curriculum of class 5 by many schools affiliated to the ICSE board. It is a popular Indian language. The ICSE board has done extensive research so as to fulfill the educational needs and demands of students. In order to instill reading and writing habits in students, the board has structured the Hindi syllabus in a streamlined manner. To keep track of students’ academic performance, the board conducts weekly, monthly and annual assessments on regular intervals. In grade 5 Hindi textbooks, all topics are included keeping in mind the learning needs of students. Students can refer to ICSE class 5 Hindi curriculum before the beginning of session. It will give clear idea to students about the topics that carry maximum marks and need more attention. Students can get curricula of all class 5 ICSE subjects online.

ICSE Class 5 Maths

All possible efforts are made by the ICSE board so as to give students useful and informative learning experience. The ICSE board has added math subject in the syllabus of class 5 with a purpose to strengthen their logical and reasoning skills. With the support and guidance of academic experts, the board has prepared a well-evaluated syllabus for class 5. By using an updated ICSE class 5 maths syllabus, students can plan out their studies appropriately. The ICSE board also prepares sample question papers for students. With the help of some useful sample papers, students can practice maths sums and learn new methods for solving math problems quickly and accurately. Syllabi of all class 5 ICSE subjects are available online, students can collect these at their preferred time.

ICSE Class 5 Science

Science gives useful knowledge to students, which they can utilize in their higher studies. It is a study of incredible and unsolved mysteries of the universe and amazing facts and discoveries that has transformed human life completely. To make students better in science subject, the ICSE board has incorporated science subject in the curriculum of class 5. The board has hired a team of academic experts, who have designed a science syllabus in line with defined educational norms and standards. Students can take help from ICSE class 5 science syllabus in order to start their studies aptly. Besides this, they can also practice sample question papers offered by the ICSE board. Students can collect curricula of all class 5 ICSE subjects online. 

ICSE Class 5 Social Science

Social science gives in-depth knowledge to students about different people, their culture, language, customs, religion, behavior, etc. It is a study of society and its growth and developments. The ICSE board has included this subject in the syllabus of class 5 so as to upgrade students’ knowledge. But some schools has added EVS subject instead of social science subject in class 5 syllabus. In the revised syllabus, each topic is mentioned with the marking scheme and number of periods. Students can use ICSE class 5 social science curriculum during examination time and prepare each topic precisely. Syllabi of all class 5 ICSE subjects are available online, students can get these easily.