ICSE Subjects for Class 6


The ICSE board is a leading educational system in India. Backed by highly experienced academic experts, the board offers informative study materials to students across each grade. The board has structured a well-evaluated curriculum for all subjects, which encompasses systematic coverage of all chapters with marking scheme. Each chapter is based on the newest pattern that is suggested by the board. By using a revised syllabus, students can start their studies appropriately. Apart from this, they can also monitor their proficiency in each subject during examination time. A syllabus contains all information in a concise manner so as to give a thorough understanding to students. Moreover, a syllabus is also a useful instructional guide for teachers as they can plan their sessions aptly. Students can get syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 6 online. The ICSE board provides updated curriculum for English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi subjects.

ICSE Class 6 English

The ICSE board gives unsurpassed educational guidance to students. Each and every study material is designed by experienced academicians so as to maintain accuracy. In grade 6, the board has included English as a language subject. The study of English not only improves students’ proficiency in reading and writing but also enhances their grammar skills. The board evaluates students’ performance through their comprehension skills and their presentation in terms of answering questions. In grade 6, students learn interesting stories and poems of well-known authors and poets. This subject is broadly divided into old, middle and modern English. It is a widely spoken language across the globe. Students can collect an updated ICSE class 6 English syllabus online. 

ICSE Class 6 Maths

The ICSE board has established a renowned name in the education field. It provides highly updated educational materials to students so that they can successfully attain their academic goal. Math is a great subject that helps students in their higher studies. Mathematical skills build a strong foundation for students. It makes them understand about the logic and order that are extensively used while calculating difficult maths sums. The board has conducted rigorous research so as to meet the learning ability of students. With the support of academic experts, the board has prepared a comprehensive syllabus for ICSE mathematics class 6. Students can collect ICSE 6th class maths syllabus online. By using a revised ICSE class 6 maths syllabus, students can prepare well for exams. 

ICSE Class 6 Science

The ICSE board offers a revised science syllabus for class 6. It is carefully designed under the supervision of academic experts, who have earned decade of experience in designing study materials. Science is added in grade 6 curriculum as a compulsory subject. The study of science gives useful information to students about incredible scientific facts and inventions. This subject contains important topics of physics, chemistry and biology. The topics of ICSE chemistry class 6 are thoroughly researched along with the topics of biology and physics. By referring to a revised syllabus, students understand about various things including food they eat, shelter they live, natural resources they use, etc. ICSE class 6 science syllabus is available online, students can collect it easily.

ICSE Class 6 Social Science

The ICSE board has prepared a well-evaluated social science syllabus for class 6. The topics of social science subject are included in the revised curriculum after a rigorous research work. Students can take help from revised social science syllabus during examination time. It comprises of important topics along with the marking scheme. By referring to an updated curriculum, students can prioritize topics as per the marking distribution pattern suggested by the board. Social science gives useful information about the demographic features of country, growth and development of society, historical background of country, etc. Students can download ICSE class 6 social science subject online.

ICSE Class 6 Hindi

Hindi is an Indian language subject and included in the curriculum of class 6. Many schools affiliated to the ICSE board have included Hindi as a second language subject in the syllabus of class 6. By studying Hindi subject, students can enhance their reading, writing skills along with grammar skills. The ICSE board has designed class 6 Hindi curriculum as per the defined educational norms and standards. It consists of topics that are exclusively selected by the academic expert after conducting extensive research. An updated ICSE class 6 Hindi syllabus is available online; students can collect it at their preferred time.