ICSE Subjects for Class 7


It has been a constant endeavor of the ICSE board to provide required study guidance to students of all grades. The board has hired a team of academic experts, who strategically designs class 7 syllabus for each subject to satiate the ongoing educational requirements of students. In class 7, students learn English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science subjects. To make students learning convenient, the board has prepared a syllabus in a comprehensive manner. A syllabus contains relevant information about the topics that students are required to study. Besides this, marking scheme is also mentioned in an updated curriculum that helps students in preparing topics thoroughly. Moreover, the ICSE board also designs sample question papers that students can practice during exams and revise all subjects appropriately. Curricula for all ICSE subjects are available online, students can collect these easily.

ICSE Class 7 English

English is a well-known subject that builds students reading and writing skills. Most textbooks and reference books contents are written in English language. Hence, it is advisable for students to improve their English skills by practicing sample question papers regularly. The ICSE board has designed a comprehensive syllabus for class 7 in order to suit the learning requirements of students. An updated syllabus encompasses detail information about the topics that students will learn during an academic session. The ICSE board is acknowledged across the country for its quality education and stringent assessments. To determine students’ academic performance, the board conducts weekly, monthly and annual assessments. Students can get revised ICSE class 7 English syllabus online.

ICSE Class 7 Maths

Math is a valuable subject that builds students logical and reasoning skills. Based on the extensive research, the board has selected and included important topics in class 7 curriculum. ICSE 7th class maths syllabus is designed under the guidance of subject experts. Students can refer to updated syllabus and can practice every chapter along with their classroom session. It will help them to understand different methods and techniques that are being used to solve complex maths sums. An updated syllabus contains all information about the entire course including topics, marking scheme and number of periods. By using a revised ICSE mathematics class 7 curriculum, students can prepare subject systematically during examination time and can develop a good pace. ICSE class 7 maths syllabus is available online; students can collect it at their preferred time. 

ICSE Class 7 Science

Science is required in everyday life. It gives useful information about many scientific facts and discoveries to students. In class 7, students learn important topics of biology, chemistry and physics. To make students learning valuable, the board has included informative topics in class 7 science curriculum. The study of science connects students to natural world, physical phenomena and living organisms. The ICSE board also prepares sample question paper, which students can use for their exam preparation. Right from ICSE chemistry class 7 questions to ICSE biology and physics questions, students can get in-depth knowledge about different question patterns through sample question paper. A revised ICSE class 7 science syllabus is available online, students can get it at their preferred time. 

ICSE Class 7 Social Science

Social science is an informative subject that provides useful information about economic growth of society, its developments, happenings, events, issues, etc. The study of social science also gives valuable information about ancient life and geographical features of country. The ICSE board has structured a well-evaluated curriculum for class 7 that students can use and start their studies a little early. Social science is a lengthy subject and many students take an extra time to understand the topic of each chapter. It is advisable for students to start their studies before the beginning of classroom session. Students can collect updated ICSE class 7 social science syllabus online. 

ICSE Class 7 Hindi

Hindi is an important subject, which is added in the syllabus of class 7 as an Indian language. The ICSE board has introduced this subject in many schools. The study of Hindi improves students reading, writing and grammar skills. Along with this, it develops students’ book reading habit, which many students avoid in their school days. To enhance students overall Hindi language skills, the board conducts assessments at regular intervals. Students can also refer to Hindi sample question papers and practice these before exams. It is valuable learning tool for students as they can practice each chapter in a step-by-step manner. ICSE class 7 Hindi syllabus is available online, students can download it comfortably.