ICSE Subjects for Class 8


The ICSE board strives to involve students in learning activity through its well-revised study materials. The board has conceptualized and designed class 8 curriculum in an understandable manner. An updated curriculum is an ideal guide that develops self learning habit in students. It gives in-depth knowledge to students about topics that are included by the academic experts after conducting rigorous research work. Apart from this, they also get information about the marking scheme, which is suggested by the board. The ICSE board also offers some useful sample question papers with the help of experienced academicians. Students can derive maximum benefit by using ICSE sample question papers and updated syllabus. During exams, they can practice sample question papers and prepare every chapter thoroughly. The ICSE board provides syllabus for English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi subjects. Students can download latest syllabi of ICSE subjects for class 8 online.

ICSE Class 8 English

English is a widely known language that helps students in comprehending the texts of other subjects. It is ideal for students to strengthen their reading, writing and comprehension skills by referring to updated ICSE syllabus and textbooks. A syllabus guides students in their studies in a step-by-step manner. It gives minute detail of topics that students are required to cover in an academic session. An updated syllabus is well-framed by the subject experts so as to suit the changing educational requirements of students. The ICSE class 8 English syllabus is designed in line with defined educational norms and standards to ensure quality. Students can collect a revised class 8 English curriculum online.  

ICSE Class 8 Maths

Math is a compulsory subject and included in the syllabus of class 8. The ICSE board education pattern is considered harder as compared to CBSE board specially math syllabus. The board has formed a team of subject experts, who select topics keeping in mind the mental ability of students. The ICSE class 8 math course materials are meant to improve students’ knowledge, skills and understanding in mathematics. Math skills are lifetime rewards, which students can use to attain their career objectives. It helps students to take wise decision in financial matters. Students can refer to ICSE 8th class maths curriculum and can start their studies before the beginning of their academic session. An updated ICSE class 8 maths syllabus is available online for students.

ICSE Class 8 Science

Science integrates all spheres of life. Its vast application, incredible facts and discoveries make this subject more interesting. The subject gives valuable knowledge to students on different branches of science including physics, chemistry and biology. The study of science develops students’ skills such as observation, collection of facts, drawing and labeling, conclusion, etc. The ICSE board has prepared a standard syllabus for class 8. It is well segregated into different sections including number of chapters, marking scheme and number of periods. Students can use class 8 science syllabus during examination time in order to understand the chapters that carries maximum marks. ICSE class 8 science syllabus is available online, students can download it conveniently. 

ICSE Class 8 Social Science

Social science is the study of group of people living in a particular society with different culture, religion and language. It also gives useful information about demographic features and economic growth of country. The subject is categorized into geography, history and civics. The ICSE board has included this subject in grade 8 curriculum with a purpose to make students aware about society and issues that are affecting it. With the support of academic experts, the board has designed social science syllabus in easy and understandable manner. By using a well-evaluated syllabus, students can prepare for exams wisely as each topic is mentioned with marking scheme. Students can collect an updated ICSE class 8 social science syllabus online. 

ICSE Class 8 Hindi

Hindi is incorporated in class 8 curriculum as an Indian language subject. The study of Hindi improves students’ basic reading, writing and grammar skills. With the help of updated ICSE Hindi syllabus, students can streamline their study schedule. A revised syllabus is structured in such a way that it gives detail information about the chapters that carries maximum marks. Besides this, the board has also designed some important sample question papers that students can use during examination time. By practicing sample question papers, students can determine their preparation level. A well-evaluated ICSE class 8 Hindi syllabus is available online, students can download it at their preferred time.