ICSE Subjects for Class 9


The ICSE board caters to the educational requirements of students at regular intervals. In order to impart valuable knowledge to students, the board has structured an updated syllabus for class 9, which contains requisite information about the entire course. The ICSE board is acknowledged for its high quality educational materials. With the collective effort of subject experts, the board has been able to offer revised syllabus, important sample question papers along with some reference books to students. Grade 9 is a significant stage for students as the knowledge students’ gain in this phase builds a strong foundation for higher studies. In class 9 curriculum, English, Maths, Science and Social Science and Hindi subjects are included. Students who are pursuing education under the ICSE board can easily get well-evaluated syllabi of all ICSE subjects for class 9 online. By using a syllabus, students can get deeper understanding of chapters, which they need to study. 

ICSE Class 9 English

English subject is compulsory for class 9 students. The ICSE board has included this subject in grade 9 with a purpose to make students proficient in reading, writing and grammar. A good knowledge of English allows students to express their thoughts and ideas in any form. Whether writing an application or expressing an experience in a diary, every thought can be precisely explained through English. It is largely spoken languages across the globe. The ICSE board has added some important stories, poems and grammar in the class 9 curriculum, which will enhance students’ English skills. With the help of grade 9 English curriculum, students can obtain detail information of topics that they need to learn and also they can understand the marking distribution pattern. A revised ICSE class 9 English syllabus is available online for students.

ICSE Class 9 Maths

Maths learning is imperative for students as mathematical skills empower students to deal with complex financial matters with a great ease. This subject is included in the curriculum of class 9 curriculum with an objective to improve students’ critical thinking skills. It is a known fact that the ICSE board mathematics is considered toughest in comparison to CBSE and states board. The board has conducted extensive research and included meaningful topics in ICSE 9th class maths curriculum. To improve students’ knowledge in mathematics, the board also offers important sample question papers. Students can download updated ICSE mathematics class 9 syllabus online. With ICSE class 9 maths curriculum, students can start their studies ahead of time. 

ICSE Class 9 Science

Science is undoubtedly an interesting subject. It gives useful scientific knowledge to students that are collated through careful experiments and observations. The board has appointed some diligent subject experts, who had done rigorous research on current educational requirements in order to fulfill the needs of students. Whether its ICSE chemistry class 9 or its physics class 9 ICSE, students gain valuable knowledge on every branch of science. Along with this, students also get various sample question papers that are designed by experienced subject experts. By using sample papers and revised curriculum, students can practice well for exams and can determine their knowledge level. The ICSE class 9 science syllabus is available online; students can download it at their convenient time.

ICSE Class 9 Social Science

Social science is the study of understanding own culture, values, religion, people, place, etc. It is generally categorized into history, geography, political science and economics. The subject gives in-depth knowledge on past life, geographical features, politics and economics growth of India. It is included in the curriculum of class 9. The subject matters as well as social science curriculum are prepared under the guidance of academic experts so as to ensure accuracy. Students can take detail information of the entire course through updated ICSE syllabus and can learn each chapter carefully and conveniently. ICSE class 9 social science syllabus is available online that students can easily collect and can get a head start on their course and can accelerate their studies.

ICSE Class 9 Hindi

Hindi subject plays an important role in shaping students academic career as many contents, instructions, guidelines are written either in Hindi or English language. The ICSE board has added this subject in the curriculum of class 9 to enhance students’ basic reading, writing and grammar skills. It has been observed that many students are unable to read, write and speak Hindi due to language barrier. Hence, it is an added advantage for those students who only understand their regional language. Students can take help from updated Hindi syllabus and textbooks and can start their studies in a step-by-step manner. Apart from this, they can plan their study schedule with the help of revised curriculum. Students can collect ICSE class 9 Hindi syllabus online.