Biology Syllabus for Class 11 ISC


Biology is a branch of science and it provides deeper knowledge to students about different types of living and non-living creatures including plants and animals. The CISCE offers this subject under the science stream to class 11 students.  The board has set some learning guidelines for class 11, so that students attain their educational goal with utmost perfection. All the guidelines are mentioned in the updated syllabus. It also includes the detailed information about the practical and theory topics that students are required to study in an academic year. The project and assignment submission dates are also clearly mentioned in the curriculum along with the prescribed textbook information. The living world, plant kingdom, morphology of flowering plants, biomolecules, mineral nutrition, respiration in plants, body fluid and circulation, etc. are some of the topics included in the curriculum of class 11 biology subject. Moreover, marking scheme and total time duration for completion of the course are also added in this important document. Students can collect the revised syllabus online and can practice well for the final exams.  

ISC Class 11 2014 Biology Syllabus     

The syllabus is the one of the most reliable and informative documents that is mapped as per the students’ learning requirements. It is designed with the collaborative efforts of the academician and the expert advisory board. The students, who have taken science stream in the class 11, should collect the revised curriculum before starting their studies. It will give them a proper idea like how they need to start their studies, which topics they need to focus more and which textbook they should refer, etc. The learning document contains all the necessary information such as a list of chapters, marking scheme and the number of periods for the completion of topics, project submission dates and prescribed textbook names. Students can collect the latest ISC 2014 biology curriculum online. 

ISC Biology Syllabus 2013 for Class 11

It is a known fact that biology is a natural science. It is the study of living beings and non-living beings. The board has included important topics in the class 11 curriculum, which encompasses biological classification, animal kingdom, transport in plants, photosynthesis in higher plants, excretory products and their elimination, etc. Along with this, the marking scheme and number of periods are also mentioned. By referring to the revised learning document, students can plan and prepare their studies in an organized manner. The syllabus is provided to both, teachers and students, so that they make every possible effort to achieve the learning objectives. The ISC class 11 biology curriculum for 2013 year is available online. 

2012 ISC Biology Syllabus for Class 11 

The board modifies the learning materials from time to time so as to keep students abreast with the current educational requirements. It has designed a well-structured biology instruction document under the supervision of the subject expert. The document contains all the information that helps students in attaining their learning objectives. By using an updated curriculum, students can understand the number of chapters that they are required to cover in an academic year. Apart from this, students can also understand the marking division for each chapter. This learning guide is designed with an objective to develop students’ regular study habit. Through this document, students will work on their time management skills. The 2012 ISC biology syllabus for class 11 is available online for students.