Chemistry Syllabus for Class 11 ISC


The chemistry subject explains the composition, properties and structure of substances including elements and compound. It describes how food changes when it is cooked, how cleaning products remove stains from your clothes, how a medicine cures the disease and how a leaf changes color. The CISCE has incorporated several essential topics in the chemistry curriculum that encompasses atomic structure, chemical bonding, atoms and molecules, chemical kinetics, etc. The board offers a useful chemistry learning module to students so that they develop clear understanding of the topics that they are required to study throughout the academic session. In the learning document, all the topics are coherently mentioned along with the marking scheme and the number of periods. The practical topics and theory topics are separately mentioned. The students should consider the ISC updated curriculum once they start their studies. It will help them in studying in a systematic manner. The ISC chemistry syllabus for class 11 is available online for students. Through a revised curriculum, students can designs a study timetable for self learning purpose.

ISC 2014 Syllabus for Class 11 Chemistry  

2014 class 11 chemistry syllabus is precisely designed by the subject experts to ensure accuracy. Keeping in mind the cut-throat competitive era, the board has included essential topics in the chemistry curriculum. The document is mainly designed to set a learning goal for students and teachers, which they have to attain within the academic year. Apart from the chapter’s name, the board has also mentioned the marking scheme and time duration in the document. The students should refer to the revised syllabus while studying at home. This learning document will help them in learning each topic in an appropriate manner.  Students can easily download class 11 chemistry 2014 curriculum online. 

Class 11 Chemistry ISC Syllabus 2013

The curriculum is being offered to students at the beginning of the session in order to make them aware about the changes that are made by the board. By considering the ever-growing educational needs of students, the board modifies the syllabus from time to time. It provides this instructional guide to students in advance. Through this document, students can plan their studies in a proper manner. Besides this, they can purchase suitable textbooks for chemistry subject. It is advisable for students to take help from the curriculum during exam time as the marking scheme for each topic is precisely mentioned. It will help them in understanding topics that carry more marks. 2013 chemistry ISC syllabus is available online for students. 

ISC Syllabus 2012 for Class 11 Chemistry 

In order to make students’ learning systematic, the board has designed a comprehensive curriculum for class 11. It is also known as an instruction guide that gives in-depth knowledge to students about the topics that are suggested by the board. Right from chapter information to marking scheme, time duration and prescribed textbook information, students can get all the details through an updated ISC curriculum. The primary objective of designing this informative guide is to encourage students in learning by means classroom sessions, projects, assignments and practical sessions. The students who are pursuing science under the CICSE can collect the 2012 class 11 syllabus online and can start their studies aptly.