Economics Syllabus for Class 11 ISC


Economics is a useful subject as it deals with the production, consumption and distribution. It helps students in allocating the resources.  However, it offers good job-opportunities, as well. Budget analyst, cost estimator, auditor, economist and financial analyst are some important career options related to this subject. This subject has great significance in our day-to-day life. The concerned council of the ISC exam has prepared a suitable Economics syllabus for class 11 ISC students. However, students are suggested to follow this course module in a thorough manner. All essential topics and sub-topics are added in this syllabus. Additionally, scheme of study is also mentioned in this educational program for the convenience of students.

ISC class 11 Economics syllabus is well-designed and informative. Some topics added in this syllabus are basic understanding of Economics, Micro and Macro Economics, types of Economics, Economic development, statistics, and many others. However, students are advised to practice some reference study materials including sample papers, previous year question papers to clear their doubts before the final test. Additionally, they can use these learning documents to improve their skills and knowledge during the exam preparation. Moreover, students can collect all these documents online and hence, they can easily use these as per their convenience.

ISC Economics Syllabus for Class 11 2014

Economics is imperative to learn as it imparts information about the economic phenomena and other relevant matters including Indian Economic development, concepts and determination of income, Economic growth, etc. This subject has great demand in job-oriented fields including banking and finance. Students are interested to learn this subject in a thorough manner and hence, CISCE has prepared a worthwhile Economics syllabus for class 11 students. ISC Economics syllabus for class 11 2014 is the updated curriculum and students must follow this thoroughly. However, reference study materials designed by following the ISC Economics syllabus 2014 class 11 are available online. Students are advised to practice these documents to make their performance better in exams.

ISC Economics Syllabus for Class 11 2013

Studying Economics is quite useful for students as it gives them good job exposures in different fields. After completion of the degree in Economics, students can work in different sectors including finance, banking, healthcare and others. However, ISC Economics class 11 syllabus is well-designed and informative. The entire syllabus is divided into two parts. Paper one is designed for theory and paper 2 is prepared for the project work. Moreover, 80 marks are allotted for theory and rest 20 marks are outlined for the project work. Definition of Economics, Indian economic development, statistics, current challenges facing Indian Economy and others are added in this curriculum. However, to understand this syllabus, students are suggested to practice some reference study materials. 

ISC Economics Syllabus for Class 11 2012

Economics is an interesting subject as it gives information about the Economic development, types of Economics, concepts of income and employment and many others. This subject is well-appreciated in different sectors including research and analysis. Hence, students should learn this subject thoroughly. However, the ISC Economics syllabus for class 11 2012 is suitably prepared to give students a thorough understanding about this subject. Students are recommended to follow this course module properly to build a good grounding in this subject. However, Economics sample papers and previous year question papers are also available online. Students must practice these documents to score well in exams.