ICSE English Syllabus for Class 11


English is a vital language subject that plays a major role in improving students’ basic reading, writing and comprehension skills. It is not so difficult to score well in English subject. With a little effort and dedication, any student can master the subject. The CICSE has designed a comprehensive curriculum for class 11 students by adhering to the defined educational norms and standards. Several essential topics of prose, poetry and drama are incorporated in the English syllabus in order to give in-depth information to students about the entire course. Besides this, the board has also included marking scheme, number of periods and prescribed textbook information in the curriculum. By using this instruction and learning module, teachers as well as students can easily estimate the completion time of the course. In addition to this, students can also prepare a proper study schedule and can follow it throughout the academic year. With a regular study schedule, they can easily ace the subject and can accomplish their academic goal. 

ISC 2014 Class 11 English Syllabus

No matter where you work or what you study, you need English at every stage. It is an imperative language subject that helps students in understanding the content of a book, a newspaper, a journal or a novel. Apart from this, English language is massively used for communication purpose. The board has structured class 11 curriculum in an intangible manner so as to give valuable knowledge to students. With the help of a syllabus, students can start their studies in a correct manner. The learning document is also instrumental during the test preparation as it will give a better insight to students regarding the most likely topics that might come in the exam. 2014 English syllabus for class 11 is available online for students. 

ISC English Syllabus for Class XI 2013

The CICSE has established a remarkable position in the education field. It provides valuable education to students, so that they consistently meet their academic goal. The meaningful educational materials combined with stringent evaluation process motivate students in accomplishing their learning objectives in the best possible manner. The board has designed an English curriculum exclusively for class 11 students. They can get all required information through this informative document. Right from the list of chapter names to marking scheme pattern and total time duration for course completion, students can get the updated information before the academic session. They can download 2013 ISC English syllabus online and can plan their studies in advance. 

2012 Class 11 ISC English Syllabus

The syllabus gives a thorough knowledge to students about the chapters, projects and assignment information that they are required to complete within the academic year. The CICSE puts relentless efforts to cater to the learning requirements of students. It has conducted extensive research on students’ latest educational needs. Based on the research findings, the board has created well-designed curriculum. This essential document not only provides detailed information about the course, but also encourages equal participation of students and teachers in classroom learning activities. The ISC English syllabus for class 11 is available online for students. With the help of this learning module, they can plan and start their studies in an appropriate manner.