ICSE Syllabus for Class 10


Most students prefer to follow the ICSE educational pattern due to its well-prepared syllabus and other useful learning materials. Research suggests that ICSE syllabi are complete as well as comprehensive. The board analyzes the basic learning requirements of students of each class and according to that, it prepares each syllabus. Therefore, ICSE syllabi are well-evaluated in all manners. The most important part is that this eminent board makes requisite changes in each syllabus at regular intervals and hence, ICSE syllabi impart updated information in all respects. Moreover, ICSE board is maintained by the ICSE council and this council believes in imparting worthwhile knowledge to all. While preparing syllabus, the board mainly focuses on these streams including Science, Literature and Fine Arts. Additionally, the board offers different sets of useful study materials including sample papers, question papers and other documents for each subject. As a result, students, who are pursuing their studies under this prestigious educational board, get all kinds of learning assistances that enable them to perform well in exams.

ICSE syllabus for class 10 contains all basic subjects in a required manner. Most importantly, all necessary topics and their sub-topics are included in the syllabus of each subject in a sequential manner. Hindi, English, Maths, Scienec and Social Science are some basic subjects that are added in this syllabus. Moreover, students feel convenient to follow this syllabus due to its easy-to understand pattern. In short, this syllabus is quite constructive and effective to impart adequate knowledge to students as per their standard. Additionally, it is prepared under the guidance of several subject experts and hence, it meets students’ overall learning needs in a thorough manner. The board makes its all syllabi available online and hence, students can easily collect ICSE board syllabus for class 10 online.

ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 2018

ICSE board is known for its world class educational pattern and systematic examination system. The board not only evaluates students’ learning requirements, but also prescribes suitable syllabus and other worthwhile learning documents for each class. ICSE syllabus for class 10 2014 is an updated syllabus and all basic subjects are included in this syllabus in a requisite manner. The subjects included in this syllabus are Hindi, Maths, English, Science and Social Science.  Moreover, this syllabus is designed in a comprehensive manner and as a result, students feel comfortable to follow this syllabus throughout the academic session. As we all know, syllabus outlines the details of each subject that students need to complete before their exams. Additionally, through syllabus, students become aware about some essential information including the course objective, reference books, relevant practical activities like projects and assignments and others. In this respects, ICSE class 10 syllabus 2018 is a great learning resource for students. Moreover, it is equally helpful for teachers, as well.

ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 2017

ICSE syllabus is methodical and easy-to follow and therefore, students get benefits in all respects. It is also useful for students due to its comprehensive feature. The most positive feature of this board is that it prepares each syllabus by keeping in mind the students’ overall learning needs. The board assesses the current educational demands before prescribing syllabus. In short, ICSE syllabus for class 10 2013 is quite constructive. All essential topics and their sub-topics are included in this syllabus in a right manner. Moreover, this syllabus is designed in such a manner that students can understand its each topic thoroughly. According to subject expert, it is ideally prepared as per the students’ academic standard. Hence, students are advised to follow ICSE class 10 syllabus 2017 right from the starting of their academic session.

ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 2016

The ICSE board chooses the right topics and sub-topics for each syllabus.  The board carefully analyzes the students’ overall educational needs and also monitors the current job-oriented scenario and based on that, it designs appropriate syllabus and other learning documents that can meet students’ requirements and also make them capable for jobs in a right manner. ICSE syllabus for class 10 2016 is ideally designed and hence, it is worthwhile for class 10 students. Hindi, English, Maths, Social Science and Science are included in this syllabus along with their relevant topics and sub-topics and therefore, students get detailed knowledge in each relevant topic. Additionally, by following this syllabus, students get information about the current evaluation or grading system. They also get to know about the reference books and relevant practical activities.

ICSE Syllabus for Class 10 2015

The ICSE board arranges each topic and sub-topic in a sequential manner before including these in each syllabus and hence, ICSE syllabi are known as well-prepared and worthwhile in all respects. Several academic experts are associated with this prestigious educational board and they monitor the current educational demands and according to that, they modify each syllabus at regular intervals. Moreover, ICSE syllabus is quite organized and complete and it imparts detailed information about each topic. It is ‘practical oriented’ and hence, by following this syllabus, students get thorough knowledge along with the practical overview of each concept. ICSE syllabus for class 10 2015 is useful and covers all relevant topics as per the students’ academic standard. Moreover, students should collect and follow this syllabus to get better understanding in each basic subject.