ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Biotechnology


Biotechnology is an imperative academic field and most students are interested to learn this subject as it offers a vast range of job opportunities. Medical scientist, biological technicians, medical and clinical lab technologists, biomedical engineers, epidemiologists are some career options, which are directly related to this subject. ISC syllabus for class 11 Biotechnology is well-formed and organized. All topics are included in this course module by maintaining a right sequence. Cell Biology, growth and development in living beings and genetics are some important chapters and these are elaborately taught in this standard. However, total 70 marks are allotted for theory and rest 30 marks are designed for practical and project work. Students must learn this subject thoroughly to develop a scientific attitude towards this subject.

ISC class 11 Biotechnology syllabus is ideally designed to make students understand about the process how materials are supplied by the biological agents. Additionally, this syllabus gives students information about the interdisciplinary nature of this subject.  Biotechnology syllabus class 11 ISC is available online and hence, students can follow this course module starting from each academic session. Moreover, students can practice some reference study materials including sample papers and worksheets to revise the entire syllabus during the exam preparation.

ISC Biotechnology Syllabus for Class 11 2014

Biotechnology is good to learn and it has demand in job-oriented sectors. After finishing the degree in Biotechnology, students can work in the research fields as well as non-research fields. They can also work in teaching and Biotech industry. Moreover, ISC Biotechnology syllabus for class 11 2014 is the latest syllabus and it is well-formed in all manners. It covers a good number of topics including the introduction to biotechnology. Cell, cell division and cell cycle, animal and plant development, biodiversity and evolution of populations, laws of inheritance and basic concepts of Biochemical technology are some important chapters, which are included in the course module. However, students can get this course of study online.

ISC Biotechnology Syllabus for Class 11 2013

Biotechnology is an interesting subject and it covers some useful topics including Bio safety issues, Cell, chromosomal structure and composition, techniques in cytology, cell division, animal and plant development, biodiversity and evolution of populations, genetics and others. ISC Biotechnology syllabus for class 11 2013 is well-prepared and it covers all these topics along with the suitable practical and project works. Students, who are pursuing their studies under this eminent board, are suggested to follow this course module thoroughly. However, this syllabus imparts the elementary knowledge about this subject. It is available online and hence, students can collect and practice this as per their convenience.

ISC Biotechnology Syllabus for Class 11 2012

Biotechnology is related to the technology, which is based on the concepts of Biology. This subject allows us to develop some products and technologies that make our lives as well as the health of the planet better. Modern Biotechnology is involved in preparing new technologies that help us to combat against the rare diseases. However, students are inclined to learn this academic discipline as it offers a vast array of job-opportunities. Laboratory assistant, forensic DNA analyst, greenhouse and field technician, clinical research associate, Bioinformatics specialist and others are some interesting career options, which are related to this subject.  ISC Biotechnology syllabus for class 11 2012 is well-prepared and students can collect this course module online.