ISC Syllabus for Class 11 Environmental Science


Environmental Science is an interesting academic field that includes the concepts of biology, information science and physics. It is a systematic study of the environment and it deals with the different environmental issues. Other subjects including mineralogy, oceanology, limnology, and zoology are related to this field. In brief, it gives us a clear concept about the environmental system. Pollution control, global climate, biodiversity, scarcity of natural resources, soil contamination and others are some imperative chapters of this discipline. However, students should understand this subject properly to get a basic perception about the importance of nature. ISC syllabus for class 11 Environmental Science is organized and comprehensive in all manners. The entire syllabus is divided into 3 sections. Some chapters included in this syllabus are modes of existence, ecology, pollution and approaches, technology and environment, human environment interactions and others. 

Students must complete the ISC class 11 Environmental Science syllabus in a thorough manner as it gives a basic understanding about this academic discipline. It is useful for students as it is designed under the guidance of associated subject experts. Moreover, the board provides some suitable study documents including worksheets, sample papers and previous year question papers. Students are suggested to practice these learning documents while revising the syllabus.  Additionally, these documents assist students in enhancing their knowledge and skills before exams. In addition to this, ISC syllabus Environmental Science class 11 is available online.

ISC Environmental Science Syllabus Class 11 2014

The educational boards first design the course of study for each subject and based on that, these boards prepare test papers for examinations. The boards maintain a comprehensive question pattern and marking scheme for the convenience of students. Moreover, ISC Environmental Science syllabus class 11 2014 is the latest course module and it is well-organized and informative in all manners. Students are advised to follow this syllabus thoroughly to get a thorough understanding about this subject. Total 100 marks are allotted for this course module. 70 marks are designed for theory and 30 marks are specified for practical / project work. Students can collect this syllabus online.

ISC Environmental Science Syllabus Class 11 2013

Question papers are made to evaluate the students’ knowledge in exams. By following each revised syllabus, separate question paper is prepared for each examination. However, syllabus plays an important role in education as it represents the academic standard of each educational board. As we all know, ISC exam is a standardized test and it is appreciated worldwide due to unsurpassed academic standard. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) follows a comprehensive and useful pattern for its syllabi and exam papers. As a result, each ISC course module is well-prepared and intelligible. ISC Environmental Science syllabus class 11 2013 is suitably prepared by keeping in mind the students’ learning requirements. Moreover, students can collect this syllabus online.

ISC Environmental Science Syllabus Class 11 2012

Environmental Science is an essential subject to learn as it makes us familiar with the current situation of various environmental issues and the policies related to environmental. Moreover, ISC Environmental Science syllabus class 11 2012 is a good learning resource through which students can learn all basic information about this academic discipline. The entire course module is divided into 3 sections and each section imparts specific information. Modes of existence, ecology, environmental conservation and protection and technology and environment  are some important chapters of this course module. However, students can practice some additional learning materials such as sample papers and previous year question papers designed for Environmental Science to revise each chapter in a thorough manner.