Maths Syllabus for Class 11 ISC


Math is indeed a scoring subject and also teaches life skills to students. The students, who have a good grounding in math subject, get highly rewarding career options. Whether Engineering, Medical, Information Technology, Banking, Business or any other field, math is required everywhere. It sharpens students’ logical and analytical skills. The CISCE has prepared a well-structured syllabus based on students learning abilities. Using this essential learning module, they can easily identify how many chapters are included in their course. Besides, they can also take prescribed textbook information before the beginning of the session. The marking scheme and number of periods are also mentioned in the curriculum. During exam preparation, students can practice those topics first that contains more sub-topics and carries maximum marks. This is first and foremost document that an education board distributes to students when they enter into the school life. A curriculum helps students in planning their studies a little early and also enables them to perform well in the main exam. 

ISC 2014 Class 11 Math Syllabus

A syllabus is prepared with the combine efforts of the board of council and subject experts. As per the rules and regulations of the board, the academician designs a well-structured curriculum for students. In class 11, the board has included math subject under the science and commerce streams. The students, who are weak in math subject, are required to practice in advance to score well in the exam. Through a well-designed syllabus, they can plan their studies aptly like how much time they well invest in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, etc. In addition to this, the marking scheme information will help students in prioritizing topics, which are important and might come in the upcoming exams.  

ISC Math Syllabus for Class XI 2013

Math subject is tough as well as tricky therefore, it is always better to prepare subject ahead of time. The more you will practice math sums, the better you will score in the main exam. By using a well-structured curriculum, you can prepare math chapters in advance. The very first day of the school, the teacher tries to tell the importance of a syllabus to students. A syllabus contains complete information about the course that students are required to learn in the academic year. It also provides valuable information to teachers, so that they can make their teaching methodologies more effective for students. 2013 ISC curriculum for class 11 is available online for students. 

2012 Class 11 ISC Math Syllabus

A syllabus is not only an important learning document, but also a reliable guide that helps students in organizing their learning activities. The CISCE has prepared the curriculum after conducting a detailed research on students’ educational needs. The curriculum is modified at regular intervals in order to keep students’ updated with latest learning requirements. Math is an essential subject that paves the way for vast career opportunities. It is ideal for students to start studies by adhering to the updated curriculum. This instruction guide will give a thorough understanding to students about the list of topics, marking scheme and time duration for completion of the course. Students can collect 2012 ISC class 11 math syllabus online.