ISC Syllabus 2015


The ISC syllabus gives a complete understanding to students about the course that is planned and suggested by the CISCE. It takes a lot of time and research work to prepare a well-structured curriculum for students. The CISCE has appointed highly experienced subject experts, who work in tandem with the expert advisory board so as to design a learning module in a comprehensive manner. The main objective of designing a curriculum is to give students a clear idea about what they will probably learn in the forthcoming session. The chapters’ name, marking scheme, project submission due-dates and total time duration for completion of the course is mentioned in a coherent manner so as to nurture young mind with essential skills. Science, arts and commerce syllabi are carefully designed by the subject experts keeping in mind the defined educational norms and standards. The board offers balanced curriculum for each subject of arts, commerce and science streams to class 11 students. As per the educational requirements, students can collect revised syllabus for suitable subjects. By using the latest learning document, students can plan their studies in a step-by-step manner and can attain their academic goal.  

ISC 2015 Science Syllabus 

Science is an exceptionally ideal stream for students, who aspire to make a career in engineering and medical fields.  The students with science background can get many rewarding career opportunities as compared to other streams. Based on the current learning requirements of the students, the board has designed a comprehensive curriculum for class 11. It is due to the cognitive approach of the board, the students get balanced curriculum that helps them in acquiring knowledge in all the subjects and also prepared them for various career challenges. The board has mentioned the marking scheme for each chapter in a sequential manner. It will help students in preparing for exams in a proper manner. 2015 science syllabi for class 11 and 12 are available online. 

ISC 2015 Commerce Syllabus 

Commerce is a suitable stream for students, who want to make a career in banking, management, business, etc. Based on their educational needs of students, the board designs a comprehensive syllabus for each subject that is offered under the commerce stream. Through a well-structured curriculum, the board tries to prepare students for the future studies. In the learning module, the academic experts incorporate only those topics that will help students in gaining the life skills, which will later help them in their professional development. A syllabus also improves students’ time management skills and enables them to organize their tasks in a proper manner. Class 11 and class 12 students, who are pursuing education under the CISCE, can collect the updated syllabi for all subjects online. 

ISC 2015 Arts Syllabus 

A curriculum is one of the most important learning documents that introduce students to the course that they will probably learn in the academic year. The board has structured balanced curricula for class 11 arts stream. By using the updated learning module, students can plan their academic activities in a streamlined manner and can successfully attain their learning goal. With the support of subject experts, the board includes highly imperative topics in the syllabi of all subjects that are offered under the arts stream. The board is committed to offer meaningful education to students and for that it prepares a well-structured learning guide. Through this learning guide, students can complete their course on time and can perform well in the main exam.